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Urgent Appeal for Justice and Human Rights Regarding Illegal Expulsions and Tragic Loss of Life

To the Tunisian and European Authorities,

We write to you with deep concern regarding the illegal mass expulsions of Sub-Saharan Africans to the deserts of Libya and Algeria. These offensive expulsions have resulted in a dire humanitarian crisis. With children,women and men being left stranded in the scorching heat of the desert without access to food and water.

Tragically, we have learned that at least two dozen people, including children, have lost their lives due to thirst and heat exhaustion. The bodies of these victims were recovered by the Libyan border authorities and the Libyan Red Crescent at the borders of Libya and Tunisia. Among these victims, we mourn the loss of Fatima Dosso, a 30-year-old Ivorian national, and her 6-year-old daughter, Marie.

They perished as a result of the unbearable conditions they were subjected to after being expelled from Ben Gardane on July 15th. We implore the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Meloni government to investigate the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Fatima Dosso and Marie, as Pato, their grieving family member, seeks justice.

It is deeply disheartening to acknowledge that Europe has entered into a multimillion-euro deal with Tunisia aimed at managing migration and deterring people from accessing the Mediterranean Sea. This agreement raises serious concerns, as Tunisia is known for grave human rights violations and Europe should not engage in agreements with countries that do not uphold human rights standards.

The consequences of this agreement are evident as Tunisia has already expelled at least 3,000 individuals within a few weeks.

Disturbingly, Tunisia is currently cracking down on journalists who are documenting and denouncing the inhumane treatment inflicted upon Sub-Saharan immigrants. This suppression of press freedom further exacerbates the already dire situation.

We condemn the European migration policy and its agreement with Tunisia, which has led to these grave violations of human rights.We call on the European Commission, the Dutch and Italian government to make any support to Tunisian authorities conditional to their compliance with human rights and to stop any further collaboration for as long as these violations persist. Additionally, we strongly condemn Tunisian President, Kais Saied's racist speech earlier this year, which has fueled unrest, hatred, and loss of life among Sub-Saharan Africans.

Once again, we urgently demand justice for Fatima Dosso, her daughter Marie, and all those who have been illegally expelled from Tunisia. We invite both the Tunisian and European authorities to take immediate action to address these human rights violations, ensure accountability, and provide support to those affected. This is their duty under international law and in front of the whole of humankind.

We ask the European Union and its Member states to provide as soon as possible a humanitarian evacuation to Europe for all people entrapped in Tunisia, avoiding for them the risks of expulsion and deportation to the desert or dangerous attempt to cross the Mediterranean sea.

The world is watching, and it is our shared responsibility to uphold the principles of dignity, justice, and compassion for all individuals, regardless of their origin.


Refugees in Libya team:




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