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We live in the most dangerous country for migrants in the whole world. 

Libya doesn't recognize the Geneva Convention for Human Rights and therefore never ratified it.

Libyan's Constitution foresees forced labor for Refugees trying to step in or escape the  Libyan borders.

Italy and Europe are not providing reliable humanitarian corridors and evacuation strategies.

After 3 months and 10 days of our protest and the resistance against ill-treatment, our protest 
was violently dismantled on the 10th Jan. making us weaker to continue the call for change, we all are jobless, and surviving means that we have to constantly ask for helping hands. victims of torture, people who need medical assistance, and others dealing with food and rent issues depend on the life-saving assistance that you provide. note that the figure of funds raised above was in use since October last year and now we have nothing.
We need your help.

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