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Protected by the Libyan state and supported by the EU Al Bija and his cousin Osama Alkoni

The chief human trafficker is still enjoying freedom in the city of Zawiya, Libya (Osama)

• On October 25, 2021, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1970 (2011) concerning Libya agreed to add Osama al-Koni Ibrahim from Libya to the international sanctions list. Osama is the de facto head of the Al-Nasr Al-Zawiya Martyrs Detention Center, where he controls the center Years ago, under the supervision of another person who was previously subjected to international sanctions, and he is Abdul Rahman Milad Al-Bidja, and he is considered Osama’s cousin.

Despite the Libyan authorities claiming that they had issued a decision to close the Zawiya detention center, Osama is still holding migrants and people who are returned from the sea. And the stick is with him, as he buys beating migrants, cutting off their drinking water and preventing them from entering the toilets. He used to force them to sleep without eating any meals. He also supervised a room used for sexual exploitation inside the detention center. The Libyan authorities do not respect the Security Council resolutions and it is still Criminals who commit crimes enjoy freedom and positions in the Libyan state, which the European Union continues to support.


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