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Freedom for Mazin.

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

The story of Mazin seems and sounds strange to all of us but in reality, it shouldn’t be because Libya for long have been treating people like this for ages and only very few cases like that of Mazin gets to be known to the public.

In Libya, when you fall a victim to traffickers, kidnappers, and so on, you get to expect the unbelievable because if you are lucky and get set free from the traffickers by the Libyan authorities, internal security, or the Rada deterrent forces, you, however, undergo the same risks that you were to go through while under the trafficker’s chain.

What happens is that after liberating you from the Traffickers, you are taken into custody for further investigations instead of setting you free, under these circumstances, you are subject to torture and extortions under the pretext that you entered Libya illegally, in such cases, your parents are either forced to pay legally to the Libyan authorities for your release or you are taken as a slave for a period of time.

In Mazin’s case, according to the internal security, they traced the whereabouts of his captivity, and upon arriving at the location, the kidnappers had already fled the building, Mazin was then taken to Warshefana police station where he was locked up together with his father and the neighbor who was arrested a day after the disappearance of Mazin.

The guards tortured them all, despite his age of concern to all parties on which he should have been under childcare, he was beaten and left to starve for days.

A few days later his father along with the neighbor whom Mazin worked for at the car workshop was released leaving Mazin still imprisoned for no clear reason.

Mazin’s father was told to come back a day later with the asylum certificate belonging to Mazin, it was at this time when we all understood that they were charging MAZIN with illegal entry to Libya.

They understood that Mazin is a child and should not be detained arbitrarily, especially after having found him at the trafficker’s hand who demanded ransom for his release. but since it is their nature and a business model that whoever falls into their hands, victims or criminals are all treated equally and therefore must pay some money before they are set free.

For these reasons Mazin’s father was at some point asked to pay some money to the police administration of warshefana but since he didn’t hand it, they chose to transfer mazin to the court, a court judged by ordinary militias with guns, few days later he was taken to Gasr bin Ghashir prison where he spent few days before being transferred to AL JADIDA PRISON.

AL JADIDA is a rehabilitation prison meant for Libyan criminals, murderers, traffickers, drug traffickers, and other grave crimes among others, but in reality, it is the most notorious known official prison in Libya because it is Mafia affiliated, it is controlled by Osama J who is directly connected to the RADA DETERRENT FORCES of SHEIKH KARA ABDALLAOUF with their base in MITIGA and the ministry of interior as well directorate for combating illegal migration led by the infamous mafia criminal MOHAMED AL KHOJA cases taken to AL JADIDA undergo multiple circles of human rights violations, subject to torture, forced labor, forced conscription, exploitation, extortions and disappearance from existence.

In Mazin’s case,

his family will either pay a legal ransom for his release or he will be put to slave Labour, forced conscription to help the militias in the military or they will continue to hold him for months to years without a valid explanation except that he had entered Libya illegally.

The UNHCR in Libya whose mandate is to protect refugees and asylum seekers, neglected Mazin's call for recognition during the three months sit-in at its headquarters in tripoli last year. The same UNHCR abandoned him in AinZara for months until few months ago when he and his family got released from there only to be thrown back to the streets without shelter.

When Mazin disappeared, the commission was immediately informed but failed to take actions, and when he was found by the internal Security aparrutus the UNHCR didn't show up to secure an immediate release for the boy. Days passed with a strong reticence from the commission which is supposed to work for refugee's interest..

On the day Mazin was to be taken to the court, his father rushed and pleaded with the UNHCR to provide him with a lawyer but he was sent away hopelessly.

Mazin who is only 15 is now detained in the so-called child friendly prison in AL JADIDA and the UNHCR doesn't care.


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