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About us.

Refugees in Libya is an organization that includes refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants, regardless of their ‘official’ status. The organization was born out of a need to voice the grave concerns of a large heterogenous group of people residing in Libya who are being subjected to violence and made vulnerable through other means. The demands of the organisation are that refugees are evacuated to safe countries, that refugees are fairly treated by UNHCR, that the EU abolished the funding of the Libyan coast guard and migrant detention centers, that justice is delivered to those who have been murdered, tortured and arbitrarily detained, and to lobby with Libya to sign the 1951 Refugee Convention.


The main focus of the organization is on Libya, but the movement has been growing across other northern African countries, namely Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, and Sudan where similar problems are faced by refugees, and across Europe where demonstrations and presentations have taken place in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Among other things, we are operating a support line for refugees via WhatsApp. The support line is free and operates multilingually. It includes live support in emergency cases, for example, suicide threats, medical assistance or coordination during attacks by militias.

We take action immediately. The support-seeking person starts explaining the situation. We help to sort through the situation by asking for details, and reaching out within our network to find fast solutions. The goal of any conversation is to offer support and assistance or to direct to an organization for immediate support.

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