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Tobruk, Europe's new border

Yesterday an old fishing boat was intercepted 60 km off the Eastern coast of Tobruk. It took to the sea from the shores of Cyrenaica with over 500 people on the move mostly from Egypt and Syria.

The spokesperson for the Tarik Bin Ziad Battallion in Tobruk claims that they received information about the boat: an immediate team responded and intercepted the boat. The spokesman did not disclose the source which gave him the coordinates to the boat.

He added that the coast guard ship "INGADZ_7" carried out the operation and all the people were forcibly brought to the commercial port of Tobruk. Among those intercepted were 109 Syrians (more than 11 women and babies young as a year and four months) and 413 Egyptians (more than 240 minors): each of them paid at least paid at least 3500€. All the Egyptians in boat say they are fleeing from the Al Sisi regime.

In a series of research about the Battalion and the militiamen of Tarik Bin Ziad, it is unclear if he is acting on behalf of the Libyan coast guard in cooperation with Frontex. But here on the left, there is an official print of the battalion.

A clear sign that Italy is paying most of the strongest militiamen to carry out border externalisation throughout the desert and on the Mediterranean. All captured people on the move have been taken to different detention camps in Tobruk where inhumane treatment is awaiting them: tortures and extortions. Our demands will not change until we won't be safe outside the Libyan hell: evacuate refugees from Libya and close all the detentions camps!


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