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The deception used by the UNHCR in Libya.

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

13-Nov-2021 WHO ARE THE VICTIMS OF THE NEWLY INVENTED THEORIES OF UNHCR-LIBYA? On the 11th of November, UNHCR published a statement showering happiness on us as they mentioned the release of some of our families. It read “UNHCR helped to secure the release of 57 asylum-seekers from Ain Zara detention centre, following their arrests in October during the Libyan security ops. UNHCR, partners CESVI and NRC, provided emergency cash and prepaid cards to help them with basic needs”. The women and children who got released joined the groups of the demonstrators at the UNHCR headquarters today, where thousands have been camping for over 6 weeks; the newly released victims said that they had nowhere to go after they were released and they expressed that they got tricked by the UNHCR upon their release from the prison. They said that they were given documents to sign which stated that they were going to be taken to Canada right after they left the prison. “But after we signed the documents, big busses were brought to which we entered and took our seats, but the driver, including a few UNHCR staff, roamed the whole city with us. Then we were taken to one of the UNHCR's offices where we were given some money, gift cards and then we were told to go and find shelters ourselves. We were all baffled as we didn't know from where to start and which neighborhood to go to, and we wondered how we would be received by the same people who detained us a month ago. We have children who need some comfort and a roof where they can sleep. Now we can't go back to the UNHCR and complain about anything since they already told us to go and come only when we are called to” said the victims. We strongly condemn this deception used on victims who have been subjected to sexual violence, arbitrary detentions and tortures, UNHCR should be more transparent while claiming to help victims, because on the 31st Oct this year, UNHCR chief of mission Mr Jean Paul Cavaleiri held a meeting with representatives of the protesters and when asked about the release of those detained he said “The government questioned us about where to take these detainees if released, how do we provide assistance to them if thousands are camping at our community day center office? The government is willing to release your families, brothers and sisters only on three conditions. 1; their immediate deportation to countries of origin. 2; their direct evacuations to the emergency transit mechanism to countries that are willing to receive and host them. 3; their direct flights to countries where they have been accepted for resettlement.” The victims approached the community leaders of the protesters and asked them to plead with the women who have been camping at the CDC if they could give them a little space to lay down their children and their exhausted selves. The question here is how did the UNHCR secure the release of these refugees and asylum seekers, how did the authorities react and why did UNHCR abandon them in the streets, what sort of agreements were used to convince the same government which conditioned UNHCR last month for the release of the 57 victims of the 1st Oct? Can UNHCR give more details clarifying what kind of documents these refugees were given to sign prior to their release? In a new report released today by the UNHCR-LIBYA as a weekly update, they wrote that “As of 7 November, it is estimated that there are 6,123 persons held in DCs across Libya, of whom 2,833 individuals are persons of concern to UNHCR.” This means that more than a couple thousands of refugees or persons of concerns as said by UNHCR are to be victimized in the coming days with the deceptions of evacuations and resettlements once they are released, but will end up stranded in the streets. others will end up in the same circles of violence, arbitrary detentions, extortion and their usurped rights violated. ® All Rights reserved Refugees and migrants in Libya 2021


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