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Nizar Abu Gharsa: A Libyan intelligence official who traffick immigrants and a professional killer.

Nizar Noureddine Abu Gharsa, born in 1979, was a prisoner before 2011, that is, when the revolution took place in Libya, on charges of killing an immigrant. He left with the rest of the prisoners for whom the prisons were opened and he joined the groups that participated in the fighting and defending of the city after its siege and the attack by Gaddafi forces. He obtained the rank of captain, although he was a civilian. Noureddine is actually running an armed militia that he established since 2011, then he gets a government assignment as a captain in intelligence, and he has the ability to access information and attack citizens with and without reason.

He previously killed a displaced citizen from the city of Tawergha in a hospital, then killed his brother in Tripoli. Nizar still owns a prison in the city of Misurata. He detained girls from Niger for several months who were subjected to rape and sexual harassment by guards and militias in Misurata.

• Name: Nizar Noureddine Abu Gharsa Capacity and rank: Captain • Employer: the General Intelligence Service of Misrata • The city in which he works: Misrata • Place of original residence: Misrata • Employer: Commander of an armed battalion called (Martyr Omar Abu Gharsa Battalion). Born: 20.4.1979 • Family status: Married


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