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Grave human rights violation against refugees & migrants is acceptable by Libyans & int-Community

The detention centers for African immigrants here in Libya are controlled by various parties over the refugee centers in particular, some of them belong to the authority of one of the competing governments for power in the country, and others are under the influence of armed militias. human trafficking Torture and violations: Longer torture. And other violations that migrants pass through were committed “daily” in the Libyan Sahoun against detained migrants, which may amount to crimes against humanity, and it is one of the worst cases of violations, a killing like the previous one carried out by an armed group in the city of “Tarhuna” and the victims were buried In a mass grave, there are dozens of families who were victims of those heinous and infamous massacres. As for migrants who try to reach Europe through Libya, they are exposed to all kinds of violence in detention centers and at the hands of detainees, and these events are due to chaos since the outbreak of the February 2011 revolution, and according to that revolution, migrants fell prey, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa. When their attempts to cross to the Italian coasts fail, they are huddled into the various Libyan prisons. Here in Libya, some of them pay tens of dinars to get out of prisons.........

I personally was among the victims of the bad practices after my failed trip to Italy. After I was arrested by the Libyan Coast Guard in the middle of the Mediterranean on August 1, 2020, we were taken and we were about “105” illegal immigrants to the port of Tripoli.

We were about to reach the Italian coast when a ship approached our boat, which we were on, they started approaching us and we decided to escape, but the ship dropped a small boat on board, “6” armed people chased our boat and then opened fire on the engine, which led to it stop working. The ship approached us and we were transferred to it, where there were about 600 other migrants of different nationalities. The coast guard began to confiscate money, phones and passports, and threw some of these things into the sea, and then they transferred us to Tripoli prisons in a journey that lasted ten hours. After we arrived at Zawiya prison to eat, not drink, all the food they offer us. The only meal in the day was at ten o'clock at night, and the rice dish was not edible for every "5" people...... and prisons are barns built of blocks and covered Iron plates, and this leads to a rise in the temperature of the place, which leads to infecting prisoners with diseases And there are those who contracted skin diseases without health care, and my forty-year-old neighbor died of starvation and poor prison conditions.... and those with me paid very exorbitant sums in order to get out of this suffering for the human being. In addition to that, the soldiers were their agents. The locals inside the prison and those connected with smugglers and prison officials in exchange for our release, the case was closer to the work of “mafias” specialized in human trafficking The process of releasing illegal immigrants detained in other prisons, for example, but not limited to, is carried out by paying 3,500 Libyan dinars to Abu Salim Prison, 2,000 dinars, Zawia Prison, 2,500, Ghouta Shaal Prison, and 5,000 dinars to Ain Zara prison. And if you do not pay and pay the amounts subject to the ransom, you will be subjected to mistreatment, abuse, “rape attributed to women” and forced labor, in addition to “human trafficking.” Therefore, you must hurry to pay those amounts until you are released from inside Libyan prisons. We are like immigrants here in Libya, a neurotic accusation To the European Union is the party responsible for the barbarism of the Libyan government, directly or through its unlimited moral and material support, where armed groups that benefit from migrants are funded, and complicity in responsibilities and escaping from accountability is inevitable, whether it is long or short, they will be brought to justice transition someday. In my view, I personally take back the meanness to the Libyan government, full responsibility for all the abusive practices that occur or are being committed inside the soil of Libya, especially the prisons and detention centers here in Tripoli.

by a refugee Anthony Iul Koc Nekir Tripoli "Al-Sarraj", The front office of UNHCR camp for refugees January 4, 2022.


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