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Dear Respective authorities:

We are the forgotten refugees and migrants living in Libya presently in front of the UNHCR headquarter After our houses got raided and most of us taken to detention centers. We are the survivors and victims  of all atrocities, torture, arbitrary detentions, false persecutions, extortions and human rights violations.

It is with bleeding hearts and sorrowful souls that we write this letter to bring to your attention what it means to be forgotten and not to be looked at as a human being or a disrespect to one's rights. With each passing day since the 1st of October, we sink more into the depth of despair, being exposed to heat and cold, abandoned and forced  to sleep in the streets without shelters , without food and  with no access to toilets.

We are refugees and we do not know or engage  in  politics. Our own will and wish is to live in a peaceful environment free of destruction, in a society that welcomes our ideas and invests in us to make the world a better place for all. 

In the last 23 days of our peaceful demonstration in front of the UNHCR Libya office. A lot has happened and is happening, people with physical injuries haven't been able to access treatment, others developing critical psychological issues, children and pregnant women sleeping in the open without shelter, no food, no showers and sanitary pads for women. Therefore; we are calling on the authorities and the whole world to recognize us as humans, respect and protect our rights. And the Libyan authorities should respect and apply the international law of seeking asylum applicable in Africa. 

We also acknowledge and admit that in recent years, human rights activists and international humanitarian organizations have been advocating for our rights to be protected and respected internationally, but so much hasn't changed and today we are here to make calls ourselves.

We are victims of civil wars, we are victims fleeing religious and political persecutions, amongst us are those seeking decent life, education and freedom to live humanly. But the Italian authorities and the EU member states have been only aggravating our sorrowful souls, by paying the Libyan authorities and its militia groups publicly and in the backdoors to kill us while in the desert, on the sea and in  horrible concentration camps.

All these have been a violation to human rights and a crime against humanity. Libya today is a cemetery to thousands of innocent refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants fleeing unbearable situations in their countries of origin. And the idea or the political will was and is fully accepted and funded by the Italian authorities and EU member states.

We call on  the Italian authorities and EU member states pouring funds to Libya to make sure that their actions and political wills do not harm us and violate our rights.
And to make sure that the forcible deportation to the Libyan inhumane detention centers then to countries of origin is stopped. 

We also call on them to cooperate with the Libyan authorities to close all detention centers in Libya and set free our brothers and sisters who are currently detained in inhumane conditions, being extorted, raped, tortured and killed. 

We call on the Italian authorities, EU member states, church members, religious groups and international humanitarian organizations to find durable solutions to us in our countries of origin, where war and poverty reigns, to offer us more educational opportunities, to invest in us and in our countries with the millions given out to the Libyans to kill and hinder us from accessing the EU borders. The EU and member states are obliged to respect and protect our rights and those found in violations of our rights should be held accountable. 

We call on all Humanitarian international organizations and heads of states, host countries, like Canada, the US, and European states  to offer us more lands of safety and resettlement opportunities.

We continue to reiterate our calls for a quick evacuation for the refugees who have been sleeping outside the UNHCR headquarter for over three weeks to countries of safety. As we fully understand that the EU and member states have enough resources and capabilities to end these atrocities and miseries that we are going through.

® All Rights Reserved Refugees and Migrants in Libya 2021.

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